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Do you want to lose weight, drop fat and improve your health - without dieting, counting or doing hours of boring cardio?


(If you have a Blue Cross Visa Wellness Card or Independent Health Flex Fit Master card - call our office at 633.2030.  They may pay for you!!) Limited offer - call 716-633-2030.


How this concerns you?


  • You may have goals of dropping 10, 25, 100-lbs or just the last stubborn 5-lbs that won’t let go!

  • You might want to develop lean muscle and melt cellulite but have been unsuccessful even after working your butt-off with a pretty boy trainer!

  • Maybe you’re constantly dieting and feel half starved from skipping meals, counting points and calories and still can’t fit one leg into your skinny jeans!

  • Maybe you’re diabetic, have a thyroid issue or just believe that you have the world’s slowest metabolism and every-time you look at a piece of cheese cake you gain 2-lbs and you’re sick of it!




Included is a full DEXA scanner body composition analysis.  I am one of four (4) facilities like this in North America that use this machine to measure your body composition (internally and externally) and health risk assessment.  This is done in private and fully clothed and scheduled on a separate day. This alone is worth three (3) times the price of a ticket!


This exclusive program is for you if:

  • You are frustrated and depressed with your body!

  • You'd like to finally achieve long-term success by doing it right - no gimmicks!

  • You want to get into the best shape of your life, without wasting time!

  • The thought of a diet makes you SICK!

  • You are tired of yo-yo weight loss and gain that you’ve experienced before!

  • You are more experienced with your fitness, and want to improve it – naturally!

  • You like the idea of having the best. A health and fitness expert and professional chef show you how to achieve all of you goals in a shorter period of time!


(This event sold-out completely for three years straight and this one is even better!)


*If you try to purchase a ticket and it's sold out, please send an email to with your name and I'll put you on a waiting list and give you first dibs at my next event!
  • Do you want to lose weight, drop fat, improve your health but confused how to start?
  • Do you want to learn how to get to your goal weight and size without DIETING! 
  • Do you want to breakdown and understand the nutrition and exercise plan used by: Nicholas Picholas &, Marissa Bailey WGRZ TV2 News, Baby Joe Mesi, Buffalo Heart Group, Shay Russ, Bob Weiss, Bob Fisher, Denise Blackmore, Marlene Buffamonte, Kristy Hughey who dropped a combined 2750 plus-pounds on TV without dieting! And learn how it applies to you?
  • Do you want to know how foods can either help you lose or gain fat in a short period of time?
  • Do you want to discover how you can begin a program of your own?
  • Or, if you are more experienced with your fitness, how you can improve it and get better results for the time and effort that you are already dedicating?

Join Dr. Derek Alessi & Chef Binks for Live It Fit Live. For a fraction of the price as a full private consultation, Dr. Derek & Chef Binks will show you how to:

-Decide to get into better shape, NOW
-Plan your workouts for efficient results!
-Simply prepare your meals for delicious and fat reducing nutrition!
-Learn how to optimize the place in your body that burns fat and calories! 
-How to limit your training to only 1.7% of the week and still get awesome results! 
-How to best burn fat while doing cardio! 
-What to buy when grocery shopping! 
-What you MUST avoid nutritionally, if you want to drop fat!
-The one secret to staying consistent and finally getting results!
-And much more!


Live It Fit Event!


Alessi Fitness (Alessi Fitness for Kids bldg) 
6221 Transit Road 
East Amherst NY 14051


Between Clarence Center Rd & Casey Rd



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As a special gift, you'll receive a free week of my online Live It Fit System!  


We are going to guide you on your way to lose weight drop body fat and improve your health without dieting, pills or the latest butt buster gadget!


  • Jump start your new live it fit lifestyle with our easy jump start guide!
  • Weekly exercise plan (that can be done in the comfort of your own home)
  • Weekly meal plan (EAT! EAT! EAT!)
  • 2 delicious and easy breakfasts!
  • 3 mouth watering and healthy lunches!
  • 5 fat dropping and savory dinners!

And there’s more...

  • 5 easy to use exercise videos!
  • 10 video recipes including with hard copy included!

This is part of a program that we would normally charge $397.00

However, is available to you for FREE!

1) As a  bonus, included are 100-recipes that are delicious, healthful and easy to prepare. So after our professional chef prepares some of these dishes for you to enjoy, you’ll have the recipe for all of them! These are the same recipes that we use with our private clients. Each of these recipes are extremely tasty and super-simple to prepare. 

2) As a Second bonus, my 2nd best selling book Lose Fat Forever is included! Lose Fat Forever is the no-nonsense guide to making fat loss permanent. It teaches you in an 18-week plan how to increase your metabolism naturally and how to lose weight by never dieting again!


Value Breakdown
1. 2 1/2 hour with Dr. Derek………………..………..350.00

2. Dexa scan................................................................250.00 

2. Live it Fit Online........................................................97.00

3. 100-Recipe Guide …………………………….....……..40.00

4. “Lose Fat Forever” book………………...……......…..15.95

5. Grocery Shopping List..............................................15.95

6. Snack list to "Grab on the Go"...............................15.95


Total................. …………………………………………………..$754.85


YOUR PRICE for Live It Fit Event - $97.00!!


This event sold-out completely all of last year and this one is even better!


If you have a BCBS wellness Visa card or Independent Health Flex Fit card - call our office at 716.633.2030.  We'll check to see that you're covered!


Risk Free!

There is absolutely no risk to you for attending this consultation. At the end of the event, if you don’t believe that it was worth every dollar, I will refund your money. If you can personally tell me that the consultation was not worth it to you, I will return your money in full! 

I don’t intend to waste your time or mine. My goal is to teach and help you make sense of your health and fitness, add clarity to your nutrition and workouts and lead you down the path to greater well-being.

  • Space is limited! Because of the intimacy and access to questions and answers with Dr. Derek & Chef Binks, this is a small event and always sells out. Walk-ups will not be permitted. Reservations Required.

This is a very small price to spend on yourself. You will be improving your health, fitness and well-being immediately! Learn what the food, diet and fitness gadget companies don’t want you to know and discover how you can improve now!

*If you try to purchase a ticket and it's sold out, please send an email to with your name and I'll put you on a waiting list and give you first dibs at my next event!

*The event in January sold-out in three (3) days so reserve your space - NOW!

 *This is a live event like a sporting event or a rock concert.  This event cannot be rescheduled and refunds are not given to no-shows.


Live It Fit!

Dr.Derek & Chef Binks

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If you have medical conditions, many of them can be treated naturally with dramatic results.  However, don't wait until you have health conditions or problems to begin.  Start NOW!

"The time you want the map is enter the woods!" 


Reserve your space NOW for either!